Inside the Blu-Ray DVD

Blu Ray, Blue Ray, Blu-Ray and Blue-Ray are all the same thing if it referred to in the DVD high tech world. It is a new kind of DVD (Digital Versatile Disk) with high density of storage, used normally to store high-definition video.

It is called blue ray because the blue-ray DVD player uses a blue violet laser beam to read the disk, while in normal DVD the reading is accomplished using a red laser light beam, the experts know that the blue ray have a shorter wavelength and thus a higher energy that enables the disk from virtually increase the storage capacity.

While normal single layer DVD stores 4.7 GB of data, the new blu ray stores about 25 GB, and the normal double layer DVD stores about 8 GB the new blu ray stores six times this size or more to reach 50 GB. Dual Layer Blu-Ray discs will be able to hold up to 4 hours of High-Definition Video. High Definition video is going to hit big here, Blu-Ray is an example of a technology that is going to make it happen. 50GB is probably comparable to size of many of our hard-drives, and to picture having all of that information on a small disc that we can slide into a pocket and take wherever we want is a bit scary.

Blu-ray is a next generation video disc format that enables the ultimate high definition entertainment experience. Blu-ray Discs bring your favorite movies to life with crystal clear picture and rich beautiful surround sound. They hold five times more information than DVD and offer an exciting array of advanced interactive features and bonus content. The discs are highly resistant to dirt and scratches and will play on a wide range of Blu-ray disc players. If you’ve ever seen movies on Blu-ray, then you know what you’re missing.

Expect to see Blu-Ray replacing DVD and VCR over the next few years, following along with the transition of video to High Definition Video. Video isn’t the only thing that will benefit from Blu-Ray technology; I would expect that it will also become the standard for PC and other types of storage.

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