Suggestions on Creating Affordable DVD Duplication

DVD duplication is a wonderful thing. If you want an extra copy of a movie you own or you have a DVD that skips, DVD duplication will come in handy. You will be able to make backup copies of DVDs, games, VHS tapes and more. DVD duplication is similar to the process used to print information on a CD. It’s a burn-and-print technology that involves very little set-up and is quite simple using some of the new software that is currently available.

DVD duplication has several advantages:

1. Duplication is fast, cheap and convenient. It requires lesser turn-around time. So, it is the easiest way in which you can mass-produce products for the market. It is also cost efficient when quantities are low because the process does not involve the large up-front cost of creating a glass master.

2. Duplication is the best way to produce products quickly so that you can supply your products within your deadline.

3. DVD duplication is the recommended procedure to duplicate discs when you need only a limited number of units (say below 1,000 units).

As DVD’s become more common, their duplication process is also becoming more efficient, more cost effective, and much more manageable.

A money-saving word of advice: DVD duplication and DVD-ROM replication sound similar, but there is an important distinction. The burn-and-print duplication process is the way to go for short runs–usually fewer than 1,000 copies. However, if you are a major player and need more than 1,000 copies duplication will end up being an expensive choice. DVD-ROM replication is a more cost effective method of producing large quantities. The company you select will produce a “master” disc, then “press” copies that are perfect duplicates of your original.

Another tip: DVDs are not immortal. The thin aluminum layer that reflects the light of the player’s laser is susceptible to oxidation which causes the discs to “rot”. Never use off-the-shelf markers or ball point pens to write on the discs or labels. Most markers contain chemicals which create oxidation, allows air to penetrate the aluminum, which is eaten up much like iron rusts in open air. Special pens are now sold which are made specifically for writing on media.

Whether you choose to purchase your own DVD duplication system or “farm out” your project to a professional duplication service be sure to do some comparison shopping. No matter what your project or how many copies you need, there is the precise product or service out there for you.

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