The Problems of Using iPod Touch

Some users who have the new iPod touch will meet some problems when using it for the first time. We have interviewed some of them and summed up these problems into 3 parts as below. At the same time, we try to provide several methods to solve those problems.

1. How to change iTunes to recognize the new iPod touch?

To some newbie for iPod, such situation may happen to them that their new iPod nano, iPod touch, or iPod Classic cannot be detected by their iTunes. In fact, it should recognize them immediately. If it doesn’t, you can download the latest version of iTunes and the problem will be solved:

A: Re-launch iTunes. You can firstly re-launch your iTunes with and without your iPod plugged in.

B: Reset your iPod touch with iTunes open. You’d better press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button at the same time for at least ten seconds until the Apple logo appears.

C: Restart your computer leaving your iPod touch plugged in. Tip: If you want to uninstall iTunes from a computer, you should backup your playlists before uninstalling so they can bring them back when the re-install is completed. In this case, all music in the playlists won’t be deleted by iTunes and will remain intact where it is saved.

2.”I can’t turn on my iPod”

I just purchased an iPod and I updated it in order to make it compatible with my iTunes. After the battery is drained completely, I wanted to charge it up, but failed. It just keeps saying that please wait for a moment and so on. And I waited for about 3 hours but it still didn’t charge up… So I have problems, it’s not charging… and it’s not turning on, what should I do?

By Ronald: “I also have such problem several years ago. At that time, I was worried very much just like you. At last, I decided to don’t care about it and just leave it plugged in to my computer for several days, waited it out… To my expectations, the problem solved itself. So I suggest that you just wait it out for a day or two, and if it’s still having problems, you should take it to your nearest outlet.”

By Matthew: “It is the most popular problem for iPod. If you run out the battery fully, you’re screwed. In this condition, the battery is down, so please take it to your nearest apple outlet. Or you can just call to the customer service of the iPod to look for help.”

By Andrew: “The important thing you should remember is that never run out of power with an iPod. If you have been done that, you should hold the menu button and the play/pause button at the SAME time and just wait for it. It should restart it. But hold BOTH of them down at the SAME time with one hand and be patient, wait for about 10-15 seconds or so.”

3. How can I keep the battery life last longer?

I have an iPod for about one year. It often dies quickly when I listen to music or watch movies only for just a half of hour. How can I keep the battery life last longer?

By Henry: “Firstly, you should know that the battery life in an iPod is different. It neither depends on how old it is nor does it depend on how many times you have charged and discharged it. To make the battery life last longer, you should fully charge the battery every time. And secondly you should never let it run out completely. It is better to charge up the battery just before it shows the red signal and to disconnect it only when it is fully charged. I am afraid that you need to change another battery to watch your left part of movie.”

By Terry: “I just met the same thing which happened to you. The problem is that your computer can’t detect a completely dead iPod, but you need the computer to charge it so you are screwed. Fortunately, I have an iPod dock and I plug the battery into my iPod dock which plugs into the wall to solve the problem. So if you have a wall iPod dock or a car one you can charge it enough so that the computer can detect it. Now, problem solved.”

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