Tips on Choosing Best DVD to iPod Converter

In all our lives, we always are put to do some choices. Good or bad, right or wrong, we should choose the best. This is the same to choose best DVD to iPod Converter when you convert DVD to iPod. But what is the best for you? In another word, what is the most suitable for you? You need to think about the features and functions they have, and compare the quality to price also. Below are basic tips for choosing the best DVD to iPod converter.


The cost of a DVD to iPod converter should be considered. Having a budget allows you to live inside your means. If you wish to cut cost, without risking the good quality you might need to be thinking about what will probably be best for your present spending budget.


It is best to consider the performance. When you acquire something you must ensure that it really is functional and is not counterfeited. There are many DVD to iPod converters that are counterfeited. This usually means that you have to make sure that it is not just the duplicate of a genuine DVD to iPod converter. Counterfeited Digital video disc Rippers may present a significant risk on your computer.

Video Quality

Someone often uses the video iPod to watch movie, so the output video quality should be considered seriously. Top DVD to iPod converter output without any loss in the video and image quality of the exports. To enjoy the high definition video is of great pleasure. Or else, not only your eyes may get hurt; the annoying jumpy and mosaics will also bother you.

Application Stability

Having an application that constantly stops responding and freezes up is nothing but a headache. We looked at how the products respond to various encrypted discs. The best applications will continue working and display error messages explaining the issue. These applications are easier to work with and prevent frustrations.

Video Format Conversion

This refers to the types of video files the software will convert the DVD movie to without noticeable loss of audio and video quality. The software should especially create formats that will work with the iPod and other handheld and mobile devices – formats such as QuickTime (MOV), MP4, H.264, MPEG, AVI, Flash (FLV) and others. You should also be able to customize the quality level and video size.

Handheld and Mobile Device Support

The screen size differs between the various Apple handheld and mobile devices, so the video size will differ to better fit the screen. As such, the DVD to iPod converter for Mac software should at the very least support video sizes for the various video-ready iPods, including the Touch, Nano and Classic. Some software also supports the iPhone and iPad, both of which have larger and higher-resolution screens.


Convert DVD often takes time, an hour DVD movie takes around thirty minutes to convert to MPEG-4 movie, if you have multiple DVDs to be converted, a high speed converter would be your best bet, or else, you will waste much time on the conversion, and your computer will be tied to the process.

Personal Demands

For example, someone just wants to convert part of the DVD video, or others want the special output video format like Apple TV compliant forms, etc.

Ease of Use

Having an application that does everything is worthless if it isn’t easy to use. When looking at the applications, we checked to see how intuitive the interface was as well as all of the required steps to actually convert your movie from the disc to another location.

Help & Support

Every good DVD to iPod converter comes with great tech support. Support options should include phone, email, live chat, user forums to connect with others, a user manual and a FAQs page.

Free Download

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