Ways to Rip DVD to Video Files

When you have a DVD-Video and want to enjoy the movie within on your iPhone, iPod, iPad or other phones and tablets, ripping it to video files is the direct solution. Here we provide several free ways to rip DVD-Video to your harddisk.

1. Free DVD Ripper Platinum

Ripping DVD may seem complicated but with the help of Free DVD Ripper Platinum it actually takes much less learning. It is video DVD ripping software that can convert DVD to video files that can be played on various devices or backed up on your harddisk.

Step1 – Load DVD

Insert a video DVD and launch Free DVD Ripper Platinum. Go to “DVD Ripper” tab and click “Open DVD”, in the activated window, load the video in the inserted disc.

Step2 – Select What You Want to Rip

After loading, all the available titles of the DVD will be listed in the window. You can choose titles from the list and select Audio Track & Subtitle or disable them as needed. Enter the number of the starting and ending chapters to choose any chapter of the titles to copy. Before conversion, you need to add DVD job first by clicking “Add to DVD jobs list”.

Step3 – Specify Output Settings

In “Profiles” menu, choose a preferred one and you can see the details of the profile you select in the “Option Summary” panel at the right. You can also directly choose the output format from “Container” menu. To edit the parameters of the profiles, click “New/Edit” and change the settings in the “Profile Editor” Window. You are allowed to choose the video and audio codec as well as the encoder to use. To change the codec settings, click “Video and Audio Options” and set the options as you want. Choose output path by “Browse“.

Step4 – Start Ripping

After you hit “Start”, some ripping information and a progress bar will be displayed within just few seconds. Select the post-process options to automatically play the sound or shut down the computer after the ripping is finished. When the window disappears, the DVD video has been successfully converted. If needed, click “Open”to directly open the output folder to get the converted DVD video.

2. MakeMKV

MakeMKV can rip DVDs and Blu-ray discs to high quality MKV files. The app has been in beta for a long time (years, in fact), which is just as well, since the developers promise to start charging for Blu-ray ripping once the app leaves beta.

3. VLC Media Player

Yes VLC Media Player can rip DVD, however, it’s easier to use a regular ripping application. But if you want to proceed, load up the DVD you want to rip and start up VLC. The problem with ripping a DVD using VLC is that it’s slow and won’t always work.

Free Download

Download Free DVD Ripper Platinum for Free! To install and use of Free DVD Ripper Platinum will be no harder than downloading it – anyone can achieve their goals without painful learning. 100% free and no strings attached, guaranteed. Start your happy experience with a single click here!