What Makes a Good Slideshow

You’re here because you want to make better slideshows. You might be sick of seeing your company make boring presentations, or you might just want to create an evocative slideshow for your parent’s anniversary. Whatever the case, I’m here to give you some easy tips on how to step up your game when it comes to making slideshows.

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Difference between Slideshow & Photo Gallery

What is a Slideshow?

Digital photo slide shows can be custom made for customers, using their photos, music, wedding invitations, birth announcements, or virtually any other scannable documents. Some producers call the resulting DVDs the new photo montage. Slide shows can be created not only in DVD, but also in HD video format and executable file for PC as for example, in such professional slide show software. Photo slideshow software has made it easier to create photo slideshows, eliminating the need for expensive color reversal film, instead requiring only a digital camera and computer.

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