Why and How to Convert JPG Files to PDF Format

As everyone knows, the Internet is a place where everything is about being visual and eye-catching. Digital images are everywhere you look on the Internet-from web pages and e-communities to technological research and e-publishing.

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Tips to Scan Image to PDF

Scan to PDF is a computer program that works with a scanner. It scans paper documents & images to fully searchable PDF. Scanning a document is like taking a snapshot picture of the text and making a picture file of it on the hard drive. Software converts the file into another type of file and makes the text manageable. Optical recognition software is available with many scanners and printers.

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How to Convert PDF to Image

Step1 – Input PDF

Launch Free Scan to PDF and click “Scan to PDF/JPG to PDF“. Then click “Import” to choose an image file you want to convert. Press Ctrl or Shift key to select multiple image files. Click “Open” to input the images to the conversion window.

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How to Scan to PDF

Step1 – Activate Scanner

Launch Free Scan to PDF and place your document on the scanner bed. Be sure it is as straight as possible. Click “Scan to PDF/JPG to PDF” tab and then click “Scan…” to choose a scanner connected to your computer and activate the scanner program.

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