Create Ringtones of Your Style

Ringtones are now considered to be a fashion statement and they can be used to indicate a cellphone user’s lifestyle. Having a great phone is not enough if it lacks an appropriate ringtone. You can also get a soundtrack from your favorite television program from the internet and use it as a ringtone.

If there is a particular movie that you really enjoyed, you can use some of the songs that were included as your ringtone. When you hear a ringtone from a TV program soundtrack, you immediately know that person enjoys watching TV the show. The ringtones let people know what you are really about even before you say anything.

You can also set ringtones to suit certain moods and this is a great way to make you stand out from your friends. If you are feeling happy, you can choose an exciting song as your ringtone for the day. For those days when you are feeling low, a song that always makes you feel better can be helpful if you hear it every time someone calls you.

By now everyone is well aware of MP3 ringtones, and most people have several different kinds on their phone. However, it is not always easy to find every ringtone you may want. And if you do find the ringtone you are looking for, it certainly is not cheap. But what if you could create your very own ringtones right from your music library on your computer?

Go to your library and select any song you choose to create into a brand new ringtone. Open up your ringtone editing software. There is a number of free ringtone editing software that can be downloaded online. In addition to having ringtone editing software, you will also want to download a LAME library, which is free as well.

Export the ringtone and transfer it to your phone. You can either do this by Bluetooth, a USB cord, a flash card or email.

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