Cut Down File Size for Easy Online Video Share

Once you are satisfied with the editing work on the captured video, you have to output it to a format that can then be viewed by people. The format that you output to should be easily accessed by people and it should also be compatible with different platforms and devices. What we are trying to tell is that to keep your video size small is very important if you just want to send information or share something funny. There is no need to make a video monster big as that brings much inconvenience.

A direct way to export your video is through your editing software itself. Most of them have the ability to export your final video in various formats. You can choose a target format depending on whether you want to see your video on DVD, VCD, Media Player, Portable payer or the Internet. But when the video editor does not provide the format you need, you should come to a video converter tool with quality adjustment. In general, you need to strike a balance between the video resolution/quality and the size of the video file. This is particularly important if you want to view the videos on the Internet, as you will have to make the video size smaller for easy uploading, fast streaming and efficient download. In general, most of the smaller videos that are around 1-2 minutes long in duration, are usually 3-5 MB in size.

If you reduce the file size of the video, it may result in some loss of quality, but viewers on the internet do not mind watching a slightly lower quality video, provided they are able to view them quickly, without wasting much time on waiting for streaming or downloading in case of slow internet connection. If it is going to take 10 minutes to watch a video clip of 2 minutes, then most people may just skip it.

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