Difference between Slideshow & Photo Gallery

What is a Slideshow?

Digital photo slide shows can be custom made for customers, using their photos, music, wedding invitations, birth announcements, or virtually any other scannable documents. Some producers call the resulting DVDs the new photo montage. Slide shows can be created not only in DVD, but also in HD video format and executable file for PC as for example, in such professional slide show software. Photo slideshow software has made it easier to create photo slideshows, eliminating the need for expensive color reversal film, instead requiring only a digital camera and computer.

Photo slide show software often has more features than simply showing the pictures. It is possible to add transitions, pan and zoom effects, video clips, background music, narrations, captions, etc. By using computer software one therefore has the ability to enhance pictures in a way that isn’t otherwise possible. The finished slide show can then be burned to a DVD, for example as a gift or for preservation, and later viewed using a DVD player.

Difference between a Slideshow and a Photo Gallery

The main difference between a slideshow and a photo gallery is that on your website, slideshows are shown without any of the gallery tools (next and previous buttons, thumbnail bar, gallery overview or photo info or ecommerce). This makes them a great way of showcasing a series of images without any distraction / user action required. For example, a slideshow is a great way to present a series of images as your website home. You can have any number of images in a slideshow.

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