How to Add Password & Apply Digital Signature

Step1 – Add Password

To add password to a PDF file:

Launch Free PDF Converter Utilities and click “Tools” tab. Click “Add Password” to choose a PDF file and then click “OK” to activate “Apply Password” dialog.

Enter the password and then re-enter it to confirm. Click “OK” to select an output folder for the encrypted PDF file.

Step2 – View Security Details

If you want to view the security status of the PDF file, click “View Security Details” button.

Free PDF Converter Utilities also allows you to apply digital signature to PDF:

Apply Digital Signature

Launch Free PDF Converter Utilities and click “Tools” tab. Then click “Apply a Digital Signature“. Enter information in each box:

Input File Name – click “Browse” to select the PDF file you want to apply a digital signature

Open Password – enter the password if the PDF file is encrypted.

Signature Field Name – the name of the signature field to sign. If the field with this name does not exist it will be created.

PFX file name – the path and name of the PKCS#12 certificate/private key file (.pfx file).

PFX password – the password to open the PFX file.

Reason – an optional string indicating the reason for signing.

Location – an optional string indicating the location that the signing was done.

Contact Information – an optional string indicating the contact information of the signer.

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