How to Convert Video Files

Step1 – Input Video

Launch Free CUDA Video Converter Platinum and hit the “Add File(s)…” button to input video files to the conversion list. Adding multiple files in one batch is allowed. After that, the thumbnails of the video and some other file info will be displayed.

Step2 – Specify Output Settings

Click “Select” to choose the output directory. Hit “Video” tab to choose “To 3GP”as an output format (there are 3 tabs for output formats: “Video”, “Devices” & “Audio” and each tab contains various output formats). Then, you can choose thequality presets from the down-drop menu below. All the presets are well configured and have short description of the usages. With all the settings done, click “Convert” to start conversion.

Step3 – Start Conversion

After you hit “Convert”, some conversion information and a progress bar will be displayed within just few seconds. Select the post-process options to automatically play the sound or shut down the computer as long as the conversion is finished.

When the process is complete, there is a summary report about the conversion. Click “Open” to directly find your converted video files.

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