How to Open an ISO Image File

An ISO image is an image of files that can be burnt to a CD. If you’ve just downloaded an ISO file, and be able to open the ISO file and edit its contents, before burning it off on a CD, here’s a quick guide telling you how you can open an ISO file.

You should know that there are quite a handful of programs that let you open ISO files, but I’m going to talk only about WinRAR here, because it’s a simple tool and just does the job intended.

First, you should have WinRAR installed in your system. Just go to their website, download the setup file and proceed installation.

During the installation progress, you can see many file formats in “Associate WinRAR with” field – make sure you check “ISO”. Click “Done” in the next window.

Navigate to the folder where your ISO file is present (Note: there’s a WinRAR icon indicating the ISO file) and double-click on it. WinRAR opens the ISO file and the contents within are displayed.

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