Polyphonic & Monophonic Ringtones

If you own a cell phone then you are probably familiar with the term ringtones. A ringtone is the sound or music your cell phone plays to alert you that you have an incoming call. There are several types of ringtones available – polyphonic and monophonic. Monophonic ringtones are tunes that are comprised of a single tone. Polyphonic ringtones are the most popular and consist of a tune that is comprised of multiple tones, thus producing a more full sound.

The first ringtones were monophonic, which means that they were only capable of playing one note at any given time. Monophonic ringtones were easy to find and inexpensive, but frankly, didn’t sound all that great. Beginning in the later 1990s, polyphonic ring tones became popular, and many cell phone manufacturers began adopting polyphonic ringtone capability into their existing cell phone lines.

Unlike monophonic ringtones, polyphonic ringtones can play many notes at once, creating more complex and accurate reproductions of songs. The earliest polyphonic ring tones could only play four notes at any one given time, but before long this figure had doubled to eight notes. Today’s polyphonic ringtones can usually handle 32 or even, in some cases, 64 notes at once, to produce very high-quality reproductions of music, as well as a wide variety of other unusual sounds.

Both polyphonic and monophonic ringtones can be downloaded from ringtone shops on the internet or downloaded directly from your cellular service provider. Some ringtones are free while others may cost you anywhere from 50 cents to $2.00 per tune. There are also some ringtone sites that will allow you to download either a set number or an unlimited number of ringtones per month for a flat monthly fee. This type of fee arrangement may be the most cost effective if you wish to download ringtones on a frequent basis. There are various sites that can help you get ringtones that reflect your personality and style. It is also easy to get access to editing programs that allow you to change the sound of a song to make them unique for your cellphone.

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