Profits of Using Video on Your Websites

Here we provide several profits of adding video of your products or service on your business site:

People remember more of your message. In general, people remember only 10% of what they read & 20% of what they hear, while they remember as much as 50% of what they see and hear together.

Increase responses by up to 30%. A call to action is much easier to follow if it is actively delivered through sound and motion. Companies who have made the switch to video email and on-demand broadcasts have reported response rates jump as much as 30% following a broadcast.

Build your credibility. People usually like and trust and most importantly, do business with people they know. When you put yourself online, the time it would normally take you to build a relationship with a potential customer can be dramatically shortened.

Below are a few more ways to use online video to generate revenue:

Create landing pages for your videos. You don’t need to sell anything directly in the video, but create specific landing pages relevant to the videos’ content. This way, you keep the viewer in the same frame of mind from the video to the website, and closer to the goal set forth – whether that’s a sale, a sign-up or a download.

Consider a paid advertisement linked to your video. Sure, this will cost money in the short term. But if you have some really compelling content (perhaps an exclusive how-to) or just need to make a splash announcing your company and services, this is a good option. The market is crowded – getting your video widely seen is imperative to the end goal for which the video was produced.

Include a coupon or special promotion code in the video. Coupons and daily deals are all the rage right now. Take advantage of this. Have you made a video explaining your product’s new features? Get a coupon code in the video so the viewer can act on his impulse. Also, this gives viewers a good reason to subscribe to your video feed.

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