Read the Terms Before Uploading Your Video

While there are plenty of reasons why you need to post your video online somewhere, concern is warranted about how your video clip might be used by those “free” sites. If you are not careful they could possibly use your video clip without your permission and make money from it, or even worse, distort it and harm your reputation.

Perhaps the most important way to compare and contrast video upload sites is by comparing the agreements you have to “sign” before you use the service offered at the site. And the biggest difference to look for: Who will possess the ownership of your uploaded video once it’s on the site? Or, more specifically: Will you have to share ownership of your videos with the site owners?

Carefully read the agreement, otherwise you may be unknowingly giving a site your uploaded video as well as the permission to do anything they want. Through a few of the examples below you may realize something (well, most times if you use a free site to upload your video clip, none of the below is going to happen):

Monetizing your video clip, such as posting it on a page surrounded by advertisements and links.

Using your video upload as an example of their product in their advertising and promotional materials.

 Sharing your free video upload with some “partner sites”, which could be of significant number. Your funny video of your cat could spread across the internet very quickly!

Editing your video clip in a way that might distort your meaning or purpose in order to make it funny, outrageous, or even anger producing.

Using your content in another medium, for example, a television program or advertisement.

In a word, if you have to upload video that is going to be the cornerstone of your unique business, vital to your website, or is private in some way, you may want to read the fine print first.

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