Some Helpful Tips on not Using Makers to Label CDs and DVDs

Personalized CD & DVD labels add a professional touch to digital media. Great for musicians and photographers, custom CD labels are a unique way to label CDs and DVDs with a studio logo or special event information. So many people use markers to write on the surface of their CDs and DVDs when labeling their media. But, they don’t know the fact that the makers used, such as Sharpies, ballpoint pens, or any other sharp object can be very damaging to the media. Most markers contain chemicals that create oxidation, which can deteriorate the CD or DVD. The oxidation can ruin the aluminum, which covers the surface of the media and ultimately can destroy the data on the disc. Additionally, these types of markers can damage the physical structure of the disc.

To keep the disc safe, just follow the suggestions below:

1. Special pens are now sold which are made specifically for writing on media. There are lots of CD/DVD Markers brands out there.

2. Another tip to keep in mind is that off the shelf markers can be used on media that has been screen printed because the screen printing protects the data from chemical destruction.

3. You will need to use specially made CD-R labels. It’s important that any thing you put on the disc maintains the disc’s balance. If you put a small sticker on one side the disc will go out of balance when the CD-ROM drive tries to spin it up to speed. Also, as with markers, it’s important that you use labels designed for CDs, as the gum in other labels may damage the disc.

OK, so now you have enough information to get yourself the right ways to keep your disc safe. You’ll be able to ensure the life and quality of your DVDs once they have been labeled. Remember to make use of these tips to keep your CDs and DVDs from damaging.

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