How to Create Torrent Easily

Step1 – Input Source Files

Click “Create New Torrent” and the “Torrent Creation” window will pop up. To input a single file, just choose “single file“; to input multiple files, choose “Directory (multi-files)“. Click the below button under the two options to choose the exact file/directory you need.

Step2 – Set Torrent Properties

In the drop-down menu of “Piece size“, choose the piece size of the torrent file.

In “Torrent servers” menu, you can choose if you want to enable/disable public DHT network or forbid peer exchange and DHT. The Torrent server list shows all the trackers the .torrent file will use. Only HTTP, HTTPS, and UDP trackers are supported. Trackers are separated by a newline.

In “Publisher” tab, you can enter publisher name, URL and add comments to the torrent you want.

The “Web Seeding” list shows all the web seeds the .torrent file will use. Only HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP web seeds are supported. Web seeds should be separated by a newline.

Step3 – Create Torrent

In “Output” area, choose an output path to store the created torrent. Click “Make Torrent” and the “Torrent Creation” window with an ongoing progress bar will show up. You need to find the new torrent file in the output folder when the process is finished. Now you can share it with others by publishing at torrent sites.

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