Reasons to Convert WAV to MP3

WAV vs. MP3

WAV format, which is also known as Waveform Audio File Format or WAVE is an audio format developed by Microsoft and IBM for storing music on computers. It is widely used for storing audio data and playing uncompressed audio files on Windows systems. WAV files are relatively large in size, compared to other “lossy” formats, such as MP3, WMA, AAC, ATRAC, etc. Uncompressed WAV files possess a relatively high quality level, and some radio broadcasters take advantage of them.

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How to Convert WAV to MP3

Step1 – Input Audio Files

Click “Add” and 3 ways can be applied to add audio files: “Add Files” is for one or more audio files; “Add Folder” is for the folder containing audio files; “Add Folder Tree” is for the folder along with its subfolders. Once the audio files are input, you can change their order by “Up” & “Down” or delete them from the list by “Remove”/”Clear”. If you want to extract audio from video files, you can input video files instead.

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