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Video Conversion: How to Pick a Video Converter

The video that you watch on your computer screen comes in many hues. For example a video camera movie when transferred to computer usually comes in AVI or WMV format. The file size will more often than not be quite large. After the movie is…

How to Convert YouTube to MP3, YouTube to WMA and Extract Audio from YouTube

Step1 - Input Video URL from YouTube Switch to "Video Downloader" tab and enter the video URL in the bar of "Link". After that, choose the link type like "Single video/audio" or "Playlist/User" from the dropdown list of "Link type" and…

Ways to Convert YouTube to MP3

There are tons of YouTube videos published each day and a great portion of them are music videos, news and some types that are enjoyable even if they include only audio. So why not convert them to MP3 so that you can listen to them on your iPod…