Ways to Cut Audio Files

Now you don’t have to be forced to listen to certain songs which you don’t like wholly – just cut them. There are many tools out there to let you cut audio into smaller pieces so that they can be used easily for certain cases. Here we provide several free ways to cut audio files.

1. Free MP3 WMA Cutter

Free MP3 WMA Cutter is free audio cutter software designed to cut down different fragments of music. Now you can cut a part of the interview or audio books to for further usage. You can even preview and add sound effects to the audio. Everything can be done by clicking.

Step1 – Input Audio Files

Launch Free MP3 WMA Cutter. Click “Load from file” and a browser window pops up. Then, click “Open” to input the audio file to program. If you want to input tracks from your audio CD, you should insert an audio disc into the drive and click “Load from CD”. The added file will be displayed in waveform which is convenient for visual editing.

Step2 – Select the Region

There are many ways to select a region:

Click anywhere of the waveform as a start point and use hotkey like Shift+Home, Shift+End to select from start/end;

Click the left button and drag along with the waveform to the place wanted to be selected;

Specify the beginner & end of the session by moving the sliders below the waveform window;

Input the start, end and length of time to choose specified region at the bottom of the cutter.

Step3 – Cut the Selected Region

Click “Trim” button to remove the unselected region. Now the selected part will be zoomed. You can add some audio effects like echo, fade-in/fade-out to the waveform. You are also allowed to preview the unselected part by clicking on the “Play” button until you are satisfied with the result.

Step4 – Save the Changes

Click “Browser” to choose an output folder for the cut MP3 file. Select an output format from MP3, WMA, WAV and OGG in the “Target Format” drop-down list. Click “Settings” to use the well-configured presets or specify the configuration parameters to adjust the output quality for every format. Then, click “START” to output the ringtone. When the processing window disappears, click “Find Target” to  review the file you have cut.

2. Web-based Audio Cutter

If you don’t want to install a program to cut audio, the MP3 cutter of toolster.net (toolster.net/mp3_cutter) is an option that includes the features you may need for a simple cutting job. You can directly cut audio on your browser.

3. Online Audio Editor

Apowersoft Free Online Audio Editor allows to cut, split, insert and mix audio online. It does provide many features and you should just focus on the cutting feature you need.

4. VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is \a video/audio player. It can directly cut the audio but by recording it can capture the part you want and save it as an audio file. Just play the audio, go to the View menu and choose Advanced Controls. Now you’ll find the red recorder button at the bottom.

Free Download

Download Free MP3 WMA Cutter for Free! To install and use of Free MP3 WMA Cutter will be no harder than downloading it – anyone can achieve their goals without painful learning. 100% free and no strings attached, guaranteed. Start your happy experience with a single click here!