Ways to Download Torrents

You may have found a site where you can get tons of torrents that include the movies, music, comics, PDF and whatever contents that interest you. The next thing to do is get yourself a torrent downloader to download them all. Here we provide several free ways to download torrents.

1. BitTorrent Downloader Free

There are still many people who are not aware of how to download torrent movie or music files but actually BitTorrent Downloader Free is all you need to get what you need from torrent files. It is excellent torrent client software to help download the contents in torrent files. Now you can go to torrent sites to find torrents of your favorite movies, games, TV series, etc. and download them via BitTorrent Downloader Free.

Step1 – Get the Movie Torrent You Want

First you need to download, install and launch Free Torrent Downloader Elite. Then, visit a torrent search site, index site or forum to find the movie torrent and download it to your computer.

Step2 – Start Download

Click “Open Torrent” to open the downloaded torrent file (or you can drag & drop the torrent file to the program window). In the activated window, you can choose the movie you like from the list and define the save path, folder name. Click “Download Now” to start download. Now you can see the torrent files are being downloaded.

Step3 – Specify Download Rate

To keep web surfing impregnable while downloading torrent files, you can limit the max download/upload rate. Click “Basic Options” and untick the “No limit” box, then you can enter the number of the max speed (KB/s) you require for download/upload.

(Note: the download speed should be proportional to your upload speed to ensure the normal and desired torrent downloading.)

When the download is finished, click “Open Containing Folder” to find the downloaded files directly.

2. Cloud Services

There are many cloud services that enables you to cache torrents file directly in the cloud, like Zbigz, Boxopus, Bitport, ByteBX, Filestream, Furk, Putdrive, TorrentHandler, etc. But usually, you have to register, provide email or more information, and pay for a satisfactory downloading speed, better service & less limits. Once the torrent content is successfully saved in your cloud storage, you can download them using via your web browser or download manager.

3. Online Torrent Client

Online Torrent Client like Bitlet is usually browser based Java applet. They work as online torrent clients. If you don’t want to install a torrent client software, your web browser can get the job done as well.

Free Download

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