Ways to Join Audio Files into A Large One on Mac

1. Free Audio Joiner for Mac

Free Audio Joiner for Mac can merge audio files in 50+ audio formats. It can also handles audio files in different bitrates, generating a single audio file in the quality you want. Downloading and installing this free Mac audio joiner is nothing complicated – come make you Mac an audio conversion expert.

2. Fission

Fission is a Mac audio editor which is capable of splitting, trimming and joining files. It is possible to get audio files in several formats merged into a single one.

3. Join Together

Join Together can output a single AAC/ALAC audio file from the audio dragged from iTunes or the Finder, leaving the original source tracks and files intact.

4. iTunesJoin

iTunesJoin is another audio joiner solution for Mac. It is an application/AppleScript package that works with iTunes to join multiple tracks into a single track.

5. Apowersoft Free Online Audio Editor

This is an online tool designed for editing audio fast and easy with the help of internet connection. It also lets you merge MP3 online. It allows exporting audio to several formats including MP3, WAV, AAC, etc.

Free Download

Download Free Audio Joiner for Mac for Free! To install and use of Free Audio Joiner for Mac will be no harder than downloading it – anyone can achieve their goals without painful learning. 100% free and no strings attached, guaranteed. Start your happy experience with a single click here!