Ways to Make Slideshow on Mac

1. Free Slideshow Maker for Mac

Free Slideshow Maker for Mac is a slideshow maker app for Mac users. It combines the ability to create slideshow from photos and images, add music as well as apply animated transition effects. The whole process requires only a few clicks. Just download and install this free Mac slideshow maker to experience the simplicity of stylish slideshow creation.

2. iPhoto

iPhoto is a preinstalled apps on Mac they can produce a slideshow with some control options. Sometimes it may take a long time for a slideshow to start in iPhoto due to large background music file.

3. iMovie

iMovie is also preinstalled app on Mac. It offers you the chance to drop in images and create a slideshow in moments, as opposed to having to piece together a project slide by slide.

4. Quick Look & QuickView

Quick Look as well as QuickView produce a bare-bones Preview slideshow (not an actual slideshow file), without control over slide duration, transitions, captions or music. Basically you can’t customize a Preview slideshow but it gets the job done fast (and free).

Free Download

Download Free Slideshow Maker for Mac for Free! To install and use of Free Slideshow Maker for Mac will be no harder than downloading it – anyone can achieve their goals without painful learning. 100% free and no strings attached, guaranteed. Start your happy experience with a single click here!