Ways to Merge Audio Files

Sometimes you may want to merge audio to create gapless background music, seamless audiobooks, make a mix for certain occasion, merge ripped CD tracks into one, etc. Here we provide several free ways to merge audio files.

Step1 – Input Audio Files

Launch Free MP3 Joiner and click “Add Files” to add separate audio books you download to the task list. You can also simply drag & drop or copy & paste the files to the program window. To queue the listed audio books, just drag them in the list. By “Delete” or “Clear” button, you can remove selected ones or all of them.

Step2 – Specify Output Settings

Choose an output format among MP3, WMA, WAV and OGG from the “Export Format” drop-down list. Click “Settings” to adjust the output quality with the well-configured presets or specify the configuration parameters such as Mode, Bit Rate, Quality Level, etc. to meet your demands. Then, choose the “Merge” mode from the “Export Type” (You can choose “Convert” mode if you want to convert audio files).

Step3 – Start Joining

Now, click “Merge” to choose the output file location and enter the output file name in the activated window. Finally, click “Save” to start joining. The music files are completely joined when the process bar disappears. In a few seconds you can play the joined audio books on portable listening devices.

2. Command Line

You can use command line to merge audio files. The simple code below can be used to join .mp3 files quickly and without additional programs. The new file will be created in the same folder with the source files. You can also merge audio in other formats by changing the mp3 into other formats. However, this only deals with one format at a time and may be a bit difficult for inexperienced users.

3. Windows Movie Maker

With Windows Movie Maker, you can import common audio files (such as .mp3, .wav, .wma), drag them to the timeline and join the WMA file after you hit Publish Movie. However, it does not provide MP3 output.

4. Shuang’s Audio Joiner

Shuang’s Audio Joiner is a free audio merger program that can merge MP3 and some other audio formats. It is easy to use but it only has 3 output formats and lacks the options to adjust the quality.

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