What Should Be Considered When Copying DVDs

Storage of data in today’s IT world has become of paramount importance and DVDs or Digital Video Discs have become a safe and reliable medium for data storage. But even many advanced computer users don’t know how to copy a DVD, while ripping CDs is a common activity performed by many software programs. Copying DVDs (geek-speak for copying onto your PC’s hard-drive) is good for making a backup of their content, or watching them on your PC, iPod, iPhone, Zune, etc.

It is always better to keep a back up of all your data because your memory can get damaged anytime. Digital Video Disc or DVD’s is one of the suggested ways in which you can store your files safely for future. Let me tell you something needed to be considered when copying DVDs.

Decide what you want to copy

Firstly, it is important to decide the files which you want to transfer and calculate roughly the amount of space they can occupy before starting with your work. Also you’d better make sure whether you require a single backup or multiple backups. A capture card and free drive space is mandatory if you are planning to copy your Xbox also.

Choose the right DVD copy program

Keep yourself updated with the software’s being launched in the market. Download efficient software from the site and use it to make your process of copying files easier. Nowadays a new technology has come up which includes dual layer 9GB DVD and has found to be useful.

When you select a DVD copy program, you should also consider some factors as below:

1. If you want to be able to store your favorite movies on your computer’s hard drive, you too need software capable of ripping video. With this form of software, you will be ale to rip and convert your DVD discs to a format that is compatible with some of the most popular portable multimedia players available, such as the previously mentioned iPod, Zune, PSP and others.

2. Try to consider the ripping speed. You want a program that will be able to rip your DVD videos to the right format as fast as possible. Besides, you would not want to wait a whole day just to rip one movie, would you? So, keep in mind that the ripping speed is very important.

3. Next you should try to look for a program that will be able to rip DVDs in batch and in full mode. A batch mode allows you to rip just certain chapters of the DVD. Or, if you are ripping a DVD that contains TV series, you will be able to tip only the episodes you want to rip. You might also only want to rip the DVD audio and not the video.

4. The next important consideration is the user friendliness of the ripper. If it is too complicated to operate, then you might want to pass up on the software. Look for a DVD ripper program that is easy to use.

5. The final thing to consider is the manufacturer’s support availability and if they offer a demo or free trial version. In the best case scenario, you will be able to try out the program before you buy and you will be able to get email support if you need it.

The quality and copyright of DVD

Use the best quality of DVD to copy the contents and always check out the copyright issue. All DVDs are generally owned by someone and are protected under the Copy Right Act, so you need to be cautious while copying your DVDs. As long as you are not doing large scale copying, to make an easy buck in the market and just copying one or two DVDs for your own use, no risk is involved. However, if you wish to sell these copied DVDs, you may be inviting trouble, as the owners of these DVDs have the powers to carry out legal enforcement of their Copyrighted DVDs.

Use of DVD writer

DVD writer or burner as it is technically called is used in making copies of DVDs. It is useful in copying information in the form of video, audio or data. This enables copying of DVDs on to the Hard Drive or to other blank DVDs. These are free tools and can easily be downloaded from the net. If you are just a starter it is always recommended to use DVD writers. They help in burning your files efficiently. Copy DVD’s is no longer a major task now.

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