Why Add Multimedia Content to Your Website

More and more online businesses and internet marketers are recognizing the tremendous benefits and responsiveness that multimedia generates when used as an advertising medium and marketing strategy. Much research has been done in the area of Internet marketing, and these studies have shown that web sites that offer quality video and audio increase their response rate by as much as seventy percent. Seventy percent! Just by adding video and audio to your web sites… That is huge! Furthermore, web site owners who only offer their visitors static pages that must be read have found that their conversion rates are quickly and steadily slacking off.

A large number of those who are using audio and video are finding that this multimedia has greatly improved visitor responsiveness, and increased sales, newsletter subscriptions, and overall usage of the websites. Many others, however, are learning that while video and audio do add value to a website, this is only true if the information presented in the audio and video files are valuable within themselves. In other words, if the quality of the information is poor, just adding audio and video to the site won’t make much of a difference.

Too often, website owners don’t realize that they reason that their sites do not convert well is because the information is of lower quality. It could be that the information is too far-fetched. It may be that the writing is shoddy. But remember: the majority of people browsing your web do not want to have to read through mounds and mounds of text to find the information that they are looking for. It’s much easier to push a button and listen to the information or view the information. It’s as easy as turning on a television or radio! Converting all of that to audio or video files is not going to make the information any better. If you want your audio and video files to truly add value to your website, the information presented in those audio and video files has to be presented correctly with high quality attached to it!

When you start with good, quality information, and convert that information to audio and video, you will indeed see a significant increase in visitor responses. However, another issue will be the time that it takes for the audio and video to load on your website. Huge files take a long time to load and visitors are not that patient. You could spend hundreds of dollars creating a video that few people will stick around to watch, simply because it takes too long for the video to load in their web browsers. At this point, it wouldn’t matter how good the information was!

You can, however, have quality videos and audios that load quickly if you take the time to do it right. Do your research. Most people already have the ability to play flash files on their computers. Flash files are small, and they load fast! Television taught us something very important. Think about the television commercials that you’ve seen. The people in the commercials start with a problem, and have their problem resolved by a product. They are shown as happy, laughing individuals who are leading a life that most of us would.

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