Why and Where to Use Your MP3

MP3 is a shortened word for MPEG Audio Layer III. It is a form of digital audio encoding that is made my compressing the data. It is among the many formats music is stored and distributed in today. However, the popularity of MP3 over the other formats has grown over the years because of its many advantages. If you do not use MP3 format for your musical files, it is advisable that you start as there are many benefits that come with it.

Music made portable

MP3 compresses files to a manageable size; MP3 lets you take your music pretty anywhere either on a portable or car player.

Turns your computer into a jukebox

You can easily store, manage and play MP3 files with graphically visual player on your computer making it into juke box of your favorite tracks.

Share MP3 files easily

Because of the size of MP3 files you easily transfer either via physical (CD-r) or electronically (over the Internet).

Easy to create custom CDs

With your collection of MP3 files you can make custom CDs of your favorite tracks.

Easy to transfer over the Internet

With slower Internet speeds, MP3 files make it easier to transfer.

Publish and distribute your own music instantly over the Internet

You can record & mix your music using a computer and easily publish and distribute your music without spending thousands of dollars for packaging and promoting your music.

Many devices can be used to play your MP3 files:

The computer – The MP3 format was of course originally developed to be played via a MP3 player software program in a personal computer.

MP3 portable player – To take your MP3 files beyond your computer the portable MP3 player was developed. This was the first device among a range of other devices created to access MP3 files. The MP3 portable players use solid memory to store files, which means no moving parts offering better reliability and no skipping of music.

PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) – PDA or handheld computers are small versions of your desktop computer except there are no keyboards or mouse; you have to use your fingers to or pen to navigate.

Mobile Phones – The mobile phone has become a big part of our everyday life to capitalize on that fact, mobile manufacturers are now releasing phones supporting MP3 play back.

DVD players – Many home DVD players support MP3 playback, I found not all players do. You can burn CD-Rs with hundreds of MP3 files and play them on DVD players that support CD-Rs and MP3s.

Car MP3 players – Now you can take your MP3 files while travelling long distances with car MP3 players. These players are available in solid memory or as CD players. Solid memory players can be detached from your car dash and connected to a computer fro the music to be uploaded to the player. While MP3 car CD players use CD-Rs as their source of in put.

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