Why Listen to Audio Books When You Have Regular Ones

There are a number of other advantages that audio books come with when compared to your regular paperback.

Audio Books Are Extremely Mobile:

Audio books are available in the form of DVDs, CDs, MP3, WAV and other formats that can easily be carried around in your audio or music player. This makes audio books extremely easy to carry around. Since you do not have to read or hold the audio book like a regular book, you can peruse an audio book while driving to and from work, jogging, during your workouts or while doing household chores.

Audio Books are Instant:

When you want to read a regular book, you generally have to take time out to either get it from the library or buy it. In case you buy or rent online, you will still need to wait till the book gets shipped. Audiobooks, on the other hand, can be downloaded instantly from a large number of internet sites and bookshops offering audio book downloads. You just have to decide which book you want to read, and you have it on your hard disk within minutes.

Audio Books are Cheap:

There are a number of reputable sites that provide audio books online in the form of rentals and downloads. Some audio book libraries will let you download an unlimited number of online audio books for as little as $15. Even if you are not a voracious reader, you can get audio books for as less as $2 or $3 per download from online audio book libraries. If you are a classic lover, then you can get almost all your audiobooks free, since audiobook versions of most classics online are absolutely free.

Audio Books are Short and Sweet:

Most audio book downloads are available in MP3 formats and even a regular, low on memory player can easily stack up on a number of MP3 books. With a good MP3 player, you can start your reading from the last point that you stopped your player at. MP3 audiobooks also work where regular books do not. For example, they give your kids company when you are not around to read them their favorite bed time story, and are a handy companion to have around on dark camping nights and long road trips. Now isn’t that really sweet of them?

Audiobooks are Available in Every Genre:

With the growing popularity of audio books, you can now find audio book versions of every popular book in print. Fantasy fans can download the full series of David Eddings audio books, Christine Feehan audio books and the Harry Potter and Eragon series. Romance lovers can get audio book versions of Norah Roberts, Danielle Steele and Barbara Taylor Bradford novels and thriller lovers can get just about every author and every book in an MP3 audiobook format.

Now here are some suggestions on when to enjoy an audio book:

1. In bed. Sometimes we feel unwell or off color and may just want to spend the day or a few hours relaxing in bed; or maybe we go to bed at night and simply want to lie till until drifting naturally off to sleep.

This is a great time to listen to an audio book: You have no bother with putting on the lights, holding the book, flipping through the pages or the effort of reading the book itself. You just lie there and relax while the entire book is read to you!

2. While doing household chores such as washing the dishes, general cleaning, or even preparing a meal. Many of us find these tasks somewhat tedious, certainly the chore of washing the dishes.

This is a great time to listen to an audio book because your hands are busy but your mind is receptive; instead of feeling bored and fed up you can fill your mind with the pleasure of listening to a book of your choice.

3. Gardening. Another mainly physical activity when much of the time e.g., weeding, mowing grass etc. – we don’t have to tax our brains. You can also listen to audio books while gardening and have the pleasure of your book along with the satisfaction of getting the job done.

4. Exercising or jogging. Working out or simply jogging leave your mind open but your hands, legs and even your entire body busy. This is a great time to enjoy an audio book.

A lot of us tend to exercise, whether for minutes or even hours while their minds do nothing. But listening to an audio book during this time will ensure you don’t waste those periods of time.

Talk about killing 2 birds with one stone – exercising your body and mind at the same time!

5. Commuting. This may be in your car or the bus or train ride to work. Many people lose a great deal of time doing nothing while commuting to and from their jobs – and the sheer boredom of it can make them feel tired and irritable.

Why not use that time to listen to an audio book, especially one that develops your mind and/or improves your professional and business skills? Listening to an audio book that improves your skills may help you develop career; more useful than simply sitting there or even listening to music.

6. During air travel. You may not believe it, but there are people who spend more time in the air (or waiting in airport s!) than on the road. As with more traditional commuting, this can be wasted and frustrating time which can be put to good use.

If you are a regular or even an occasional air traveler, consider the enormous benefits you would get listening to audio books, especially those that can improve your academic or work related skills; or simply listening to a favorite novel. Great distraction for the kids too if they’re travelling with you…

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